The quality or state of being happy; good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy. The ability to laugh out loud. Smiling at the site of something small. Pumpkin spice lattes. Sitting on roof tops. Girls nights. Wine. Salt water. Peanut butter cookies. Watching your favorite band live. Smiling at the thought of something. Cuddling. Late night bike rides. Tacos. Friends that turn to family. A job you look forward to going in for. Lingerie. Cinnamon swirl candles. Riding on the back of a motorcycle. Screaming a song with your best friend when it comes on the radio. Waking up next to the person you like. Marine layers. Christmas lights. Surprise parties. The smell of rain. Mani/pedis. Happiness is the ability to look past the stress and smile. 

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Sex involves the body. Great sex involves the mind.

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